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Khmer-style crepe in Tra Vinh

By Hoang Long

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HCMC – The Khmer-style crepe is a favorite sweet in some localities in the Mekong Delta, especially Tra Vinh Province.

The Khmer ethnic people living in Tra Vinh call this kind of cake “Om Chiel.” As time passes by, the name of the specialty varies in accordance with the way it is made. If the cake maker puts flour through a sieve, the cake is called “sifting” crepe. Meanwhile, some call it pandan leave crepe as this ingredient helps enhance the flavor.

The ingredients for the cake include sticky rice, pandan leaves, grated coconut flesh, peanuts and sugar.

First of all, sticky rice soaked in water is mixed with pandan juice to make the rice have an eye-catching green color. Then, the mixture is ground.

The filling of the cake comprises grated coconut flesh, pounded roasted peanuts and sugar. All are stir-fried until it emits a pleasant smell.

It takes a cake maker about two minutes to finish a crepe. The maker sifts the rice powder into a pan that is heated before. After one minute, filling is added to the crepe and all is wrapped up in a square or crescent shape. These steps must be done as fast as possible to ensure the cake’s special flavor.

Diners will enjoy the smell of pandan leaves, the sweetness of coconut flesh and the fat taste of sticky rice and peanuts.

The Khmer-style crepe is mostly available at take-away food stalls in Tra Vinh Province.

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