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PNJ nurtures dreams of children with autism

The Saigon Times

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At Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ), responsible business is considered a guiding compass for its operation. The jewelry maker has developed its business philosophy of considering the benefits of customers and society as its gains.

PNJ has demonstrated this philosophy through multiple corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Of them, those understanding and supporting children with autism are praiseworthy.

Improving community’s awareness of autism

The number of children with autism in Vietnam is on the rise. These children need much more care than normal ones.

Therefore, PNJ has coordinated with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children to conduct a project to improve the awareness about autism in Vietnamese children in the 2018-2023 period with funding of VND10 billion.

In the first three years of the project, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, PNJ and its partners, with their efforts and determination, have obtained many achievements.

In specifics, documents on supporting children with autism spectrum disorders, specifically rehabilitation knowledge, behavioral intervention, visual support and self-serving skills, have been drawn up and published.

In addition, in-person training courses are organized annually for 109 teachers from 82 centers educating autistic children in 37 cities and provinces nationwide. Over 4,500 teachers and technicians are trained monthly through online classes.

PNJ also provides knowledge about autism through public meetings and analysis reports on the chong chong sac mau (colorful pinwheels) fanpage on Facebook to 181 specialized centers with over 17,000 parents and caretakers of autistic children across the country being the beneficiaries.

The jewelry company also pledges to offer direct and indirect support to nearly 4,500 autistic children.

PNJ Chairwoman Cao Thi Ngoc Dung said: “Over the past three years, despite multiple difficulties and challenges, I can proudly say that PNJ and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children have been courageous to do what others dare not do and overcome all obstacles to initiate a marvelous journey for autistic kids.”

Although there remain many challenges in the future, PNJ, with its confidence and responsibility, will carry out more meaningful activities to help autistic children, Dung added.

Following activities for children with autism, PNJ and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children on June 22 this year held an artistic program themed “together with colorful pinwheels to spread love” in HCMC to increase the public awareness of autistic children.

The program helps spread the message: “Each pinwheel is a friend of children. With enough sunlight, flowers will bloom. With enough wind, pinwheels will turn around. With enough understanding and love, miracles will happen to autistic children.”

In the upcoming periods, PNJ will strengthen the provision of knowledge to parents of autistic children, the training of teachers and officials taking care of, educating, protecting and supporting autistic children, and the spread of autism knowledge to put an end to the discrimination against autistic children.

Fostering women’s empowerment

PNJ has paid much attention to the support of the underprivileged in society, especially women. The firm expects to raise the position of women in all aspects.

At a ceremony to launch the seventh Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) program in HCMC on May 30, Tran Phuong Ngoc Thao, head of PNJ’s environmental, social and governance committee, said with the mission of ceaseless creativity to honor the beauty of people, especially women, PNJ has always attached importance to the improvement of women’s empowerment through production and business, corporate culture development, marketing and CSR activities.

At PNJ, people are the center of all resources and the most valuable asset. Female employees account for 61% of PNJ’s total laborers, and its female customers make up the majority, at nearly 90%.

PNJ has conducted activities and programs to build up the strength of female entrepreneurs nationwide and supported nearly 2,000 pregnant women with difficult circumstances.

In the coming periods, PNJ expects to further spread the women’s empowerment and the promotion of human rights to develop a sustainable society.

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