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Putting blood pressure under control

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For those with high blood pressure, lifestyle plays an important role in helping lower high blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle can help avoid, put off or reduce the use of medicine. Following are changes of lifestyle that can help lower and stabilize blood pressure, according to Suc khoe & Doi song news site: Losing weight: Blood pressure tends to rise in line with body weight increase. Therefore, weight loss is one of the most effective lifestyle changes to control blood pressure. It is worth noting that the waistline is also important: men whose waistline exceeds 102cm, and women whose waistline exceeds 89cm are at risk of high blood pressure. These figures can be different among individuals, so, consult your doctor for your best waistline. Doing physical exercises regularly can help lower high blood pressure. Doing physical exercises at least 30 minutes every day to prevent blood pressure from rising. Walking, running, swimming and dancing are recommended for those who want to stabilize or lower their blood pressure. Vigorous physical activities can be done alternately, at least twice a week. Healthy diet: Intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and skimmed milk products, and less saturated fat can […]
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