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Quang Nam creates signature dishes from jackfruit

By Nhu Ha

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In Tam Ky City of Quang Nam Province, besides eating ripe jackfruits, the locals have also created many exotic dishes from the fruit, such as jackfruit salad, boiled jackfruit served with fish sauce, etc. However, a specialty of the province is the Tam Ky steamed jackfruit, with its intense aroma and sweet taste, making it hard to resist.

The Tam Ky locals have grown up eating steamed jackfruit. Jackfruit seeds are separated from the flesh and mixed with green beans. The mixture is then steamed and pureed. The cook adds familiar spices such as salt and sugar to the mixture, stuffs it into the jackfruit flesh and steams it again for 20-30 minutes.

When steamed, the jackfruit turns bright yellow, with an inviting aroma and soft and smooth flesh. The dish is served with shredded coconut and roasted peanuts.

Using just three simple ingredients, the Tam Ky people have created this rustic dish, that is best enjoyed when it is hot.

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