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Running to lose weight

The Saigon Times

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Running is the best way to improve the metabolism process, burn calories, lose unexpected weight, and stay fit. According to Suc khoe & Doi song news site, running is an ideal option to burn hundreds of to thousands of calories a day. Running can help lose weight thanks to: – Improving the metabolism process, which can help manage your weight for a long time. – Burning calories: Running is a cardio exercise that burns a considerable amount of calories. It is better to change your exercises every 4-6 weeks so as to be able to burn more calories. – Losing weight: Running is an effective way to decrease fat and increase muscles in the body. Running associated with balanced diets, water supplement and proper health recovery plans can help reduce fat. – Improving physical health: Running helps improve human endurance, which enables practitioners to run for longer time and higher intensity. How long should one run a day to lose weight? How long a runner should run a day to lose unexpected weight depends on her or his body weight, metabolism process, diets, and physical health. To lose weight, you should burn more calories than the calorie intake. There should […]
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