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Siberian Wellness highly committed to environmental protection in Vietnam

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Siberian Wellness, a Russia-headquartered manufacturer of health and beauty products using natural ingredients, has made a long-term commitment to protecting the planet.

The company is striving to demonstrate the commitment, by not only protecting the environment but also proactively coming up with initiatives and projects to restore, preserve and develop the environment on a large scale. Such efforts are made apparent via environmental protection activities by Siberian Wellness in Vietnam.

The Eco project – inspiring environmental endeavor

This year, Vietnam was picked as the first country to initiate the “Eco-project – Give 100 hectares to your planet” launched globally by Siberian Wellness.

In March this year, the program was held in the Ben En National Park in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa with 500 trees being planted.

In August, Siberian Wellness’s executives, employees and partners continued planting 1,000 trees in the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa as well, raising the number of trees that the company has planted in primeval forests in Vietnam this year to 1,500.

After a week of calling on volunteers on Facebook, 300 people registered to participate in the activity, with 70% of them aged between 20 and 30.

Bozhko Leonid, Siberian Wellness country manager for Vietnam, said, “Nowadays, climate change has become the most serious challenge to mankind due to its adverse effects. People’s impact on the environment, through deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions from industrial production activities, is the main reason.”

He added that with the Eco-project, Siberian Wellness expects to slow down the climate change process and protect the Earth. Small trees planted today will grow into big trees in the future, contributing to reviving forests and creating a healthy ecosystem.

“Siberian Wellness is happy to contribute to creating immortal values,” the firm’s leader said.

“The Eco-project, initiated by Siberian Wellness, not only means the area of regenerated forests but also nurtures the love for and awareness of protecting nature and the environment among the young.”

The expectation by Siberian Wellness has received good responses from young people joining the tree-planting program.

At the event to plant trees in the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, a girl identified as Thanh Thuy from Bac Giang Province said that working with Siberian Wellness, she had opportunities to do good things for society and contribute to building a greener and cleaner world.

Similarly, another girl named Cat Linh realized humanistic values of the project as it brings significant and long-term values to public health. She expected that she could accompany Siberian Wellness to restore forests not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.

In the future, Siberian Wellness will continue studying and conducting more meaningful environmental protection projects, Leonid added.

Volunteers take part in Siberian Wellness’ afforestation program

Journey to protect nature

The Eco-project was launched in 2021 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Siberian Wellness, with an initial goal to plant 25 hectares of forest worldwide. In the end, 50 hectares of forest has been planted worldwide.

Such a strong achievement prompted the company to be more enthusiastic about its goal for the second year of the project, with a target twice bigger: planting 100 hectares of forest worldwide.

With the business philosophy of achieving the harmony with nature, besides environmental protection projects, Siberian Wellness has been conducting multiple projects to protect wildlife.

Its “The World Around You” foundation, set up in 2011, has carried out more than 170 activities to preserve, save and protect nature in general and endangered species in particular.

Typical projects of the fund over the past decade include The “Herb Hunters” project which raises the awareness of environmental issues caused by industrial development, “Help to Save Snow Leopards!”, “Baikal Protection” which aims to preserve the Baikal Lake, and “Siberian Health Gardens”.

These projects have helped the community understand great values of nature, and improve the global awareness of environmental protection.

In other words, Siberian Wellness, through its activities, has striven to spread messages of saving the Earth, the common home of the humanity.

Furthermore, Siberian Wellness Vietnam has shared the difficulties and losses facing Vietnamese residents in natural disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In specifics, the firm and its partners donated VND250 million to Vietnam’s pandemic response through the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee.

In addition, the company presented nearly VND300 million, 1,000 square sticky-rice cakes and thousands of necessities to residents in the central region who were hit by the historical floods in 2020.

Siberian Wellness, which has introduced over 300 product lines to more than 60 markets worldwide via sales centers in 26 countries, entered Vietnam in 2021, with two offices in Hanoi and HCMC. In Vietnam, Siberian Wellness supplies healthcare and dental products, cosmetics, and products for children.

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