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SonKim Land and its attempt to build sustainable society

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Attaching importance to innovation and long-term plans, SonKim Land has launched a wide range of support activities to foster comprehensive and sustainable development for the community. One of its signature community programs is the “Sustainable Village” project, which has just completed the first phase in September.

As a property developer, SonKim Land always hopes that every family has its own solid and comfortable house, so the firm launched its “Sustainable Village” project in collaboration with Habitat Vietnam. The project is aimed to help remove difficulties related to housing in Hung Thanh Commune in Thap Muoi District of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap.

The project is expected to build a strong community which is ready to respond to natural disasters and climate change, according to the company.

To ensure long-term sustainability, instead of paying 100% of expenses for building houses, the firm provides part of the expenses through the “Sustainable Village” project while families will also pay their part. The remainder of expenses will be lent by the owner of the project.

The project benefits cash-strapped households with makeshift, unsafe accommodations or those who find it hard to access preferential loans to build a solid house for themselves.

Sustainable Village is scheduled to be carried out within three years. The first phase of the project was deployed from December 2019 to September this year, with a total cost of over VND1.1 billion. Of the total capital, the non-refundable capital and loans from SonKim Land accounted for 80%.

Despite facing many challenges and difficulties triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and salinity intrusion, the first phase of the “Sustainable Village” project fulfilled its target of building eight houses, repairing five houses, and building restrooms for 13 households. In addition, the project has also provided training for 10 grassroots State officers on water sanitation, loan management and family financial management among others.

For SonKim Land, caring for the community is part of its sustainable development strategy. According to the company, sustainability not only reflects achievements in business and customers’ confidence, but also contribution towards the community to bring good values to the society.

With some 30 years of establishment and development, SonKim Land has relentlessly been initiating a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, including building charitable houses and making contribution to charity funds, as a way to give a helping hand to needy people.

Commenting on the Sustainable Village project, SonKim Land says that apart from launching, sponsoring and accompanying social programs, SonKim Land has pursued creativity in its projects to benefit the community.

Another project that SonKim Land takes pride in is its Property Insight program meant to diffuse knowledge and information to its customers.

Information about new topics and trends of interest such as smart home and protech are provided by the information channel. Both SonKim Land’s customers and other people who are interested in the property sector can find useful documents and information from the Property Insight program.

This program is a typical example of SonKim Land’s creative way of conducting CSR activities to improve knowledge for the community and bring good values.

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