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Sour pork – a treat to taste buds

By Phuc An & Huy Cuong

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Sour pork, a traditional dish of the Muong ethnic people in the northern province of Phu Tho, is usually served on special occasions such as traditional festivals and the New Year

After learning to make the dish from the Muong ethnic people, Thanh Son villagers promoted it and simplified the process of making it.

To make the dish, the Muong ethnic people use lean meat from the lung pig, a purebred pig raised by the locals. After being cleaned, the pork is lightly smoked over a straw fire. Then, the half-cooked pork is cut into thin slices, which are marinated with basic spices and a mixture of corn starch, roasted rice powder and mung bean powder.

The marinated meat slices are put into bamboo tubes covered with guava leaves or fig leaves. The meat in the bamboo tubes turns sour after a week. Then, it’s time to enjoy the dish.

Thanh Son villagers simplify the process of making the specialty. They separate the meat and pork skin. Then, the two ingredients are marinated with the spices from the recipe of the Muong ethnic people.

Instead of using bamboo tubes, the pork slices are contained in a big bowl covered with guava leaves or fig leaves.

The sour pork is served with herbs and chili sauce. The sourness of the pork combined with the spicy taste of the chili sauce and the fresh taste of herbs is a treat to the taste buds.

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