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Spas for pets in Saigon

By Joanik Bellalou

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HCMC – In Vietnam’s urban centers, a new trend is on the rise, redefining the traditional perceptions of pets, particularly, cats and dogs: pet spas.

These have blossomed everywhere in HCMC, selling eccentric poke-balls for pets, suits and even expensive pet food from Japan or Korea. A regular treatment for a dog starts at VND100,000, while the most expensive can go up to VND500,000 or VND1 million for specific requests such as a fancy haircut, expensive imported creams, and colored fur.

While these treatments are restricted to just a handful of pet owners, spas are growing exponentially as demands are rising.

In this process, pets are getting new identities and status in Vietnamese society. Driven by a large and young generation of Vietnamese, as well as the upcoming middle-class, cats and dogs are increasingly being seen as family companions.

A dog is kept at the spa for further medical treatment
A dog gets a hair treatment and a new haircut
Inspection time for this dog. More and more Saigonese worry about their beloved furry friends.
Pet owners sometimes request stylish haircuts for their dogs
Ongoing classes for future pet hairdressers
From fur treatment to nail treatment, this dog is getting a complete makeover
A caretaker gives this dog a fresh look
Sometimes, pets fall asleep during these relaxing treatments
A caretaker is surrounded by three dogs. All of them seem happy to be here.
The equipment of a caretaker is versatile. Here, the dog is getting dried.
Remnants after a quick haircut at the spa
A large variety of products are available for pet owners, such as Christmas suits or baseball suits

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