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Sweet and salty flavors in one dish

By Gia Han

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Silkworm-shaped cakes found in Ngan Dua Village, Hong Dan District in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu, are a local specialty offering a perfect balance between sweet and salty flavors

Silkworm-shaped cakes are popular in most of the Mekong Delta provinces. There are three versions for food lovers to choose from. The sweet version is made from cassava flour served with a coconut milk sauce, while the salty and spicy versions are served with fish sauce. In Ngan Dua Village, these cakes are made from rice flour. Fragrant rice is soaked in water for several days before being ground into flour. The rice flour is then mixed with a pinch of salt and soaked in water for two more days. With their skillful hands, the local cooks use the mixture to form silkworm-shaped rice cakes that are cooked in a steamer. Ngan Dua-style silkworm-shaped cakes are served with meatballs and shredded pork skin. The meatballs are mixed with some minced black fungus for a crunchy texture and topped with tomato sauce.

Local people enjoy the specialty in a plate, topped with meatballs, shredded pork skin and coconut milk sauce. A small bowl of fish sauce with minced chilies served alongside the cakes completes the dish.

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