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INCHAM helps farmers affected by Covid overcome difficulties

HCMC - The Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (INCHAM), with the support of its members, has contributed to alleviating the challenges facing many Vietnamese...

Vietnam awarded world record of largest Robusta coffee producer

HCMC - The World Records Union (WorldKings) has granted the World Record certificate to Vietnam for being “The largest producer and exporter of Robusta...

TNI King Coffee fosters women empowerment through entrepreneurship

Among an array of dedicated corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that TNI King Coffee has implemented, the company attaches special importance to supporting women...

The autumnal Y Ty in the Northwest

HCMC - Y Ty is the name of a highland commune in Bat Xat District of Lao Cai, a province in the northwest of...

Vietnam exports 100,000 tons of fertilizers monthly in Jan-Sep

CAN THO – Vietnam exported more than 900,000 tons of fertilizers from January to September 2021, or 100,000 tons a month on average, at...

Central Retail promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers

HCMC – Many farmers who are ethnic minority people in Van Ho District of the northern mountainous province of Son La have seen their...

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