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Tasting coconut filling cake in Soc Trang

By Bich Duy

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The Khmer ethnic community in Soc Trang has crafted a distinct version of the Vietnamese crispy dumpling with coconut filling, known as banh quai vac nhan dua, which has captured the hearts of many tourists.

Made from simple yet familiar ingredients, this delightful treat features a crust made of wheat flour and eggs, enveloping a delectable filling of shredded coconut meat mixed with sugar and roasted peanuts. Upon baking, the crust takes on a golden-yellow hue, forming layers that overlap beautifully, emitting a delightful aroma of flour and eggs.

While the traditional coconut filling remains a favorite, the baker also offers variations with mung bean and pineapple fillings, each marked with red dots on the crust to distinguish between flavors. However, the classic coconut-filled dumpling remains cherished for its authentic taste and texture.

With its sweet and chewy coconut filling complementing the richness of the crust, this treat pairs perfectly with a steaming pot of tea. It is a staple in daily life and is particularly enjoyed during festive occasions such as Tet and Mid-Autumn.

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