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Thanh Hoa’s tasty fermented pork rolls

By Hoai Ly

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The fermented pork rolls from Thanh Hoa Province offer a delicious flavor unforgettable to food lovers.

In Thanh Hoa, it is said that only the most experienced local cooks are able to create the original fermented pork rolls. They say how to prepare the province’s specialty as well as its ingredients is a secret.

The main ingredients used for Thanh Hoa fermented pork rolls are pork skin, pork, ground roasted rice, and guava leave or dinh lang leave (Polyscias fruticose). The secret lies with the spices to be used which cooks decline to disclose. Fresh lean meat and pork skin from shoulder or hip of pig are chosen because they offer the best chewy texture.

The pork skin is boiled and cut into thin strips. Instead of cutting the skin by hand, cooks now have a machine to do the job. Then, the lean meat is ground and mixed with pork skin, roasted ground rice and some pepper. Especially, slices of garlic, dinh lang leaves and chilies are added to enhance and balance the meat’s flavor.

The pork is wrapped in banana leaves which should be still fresh and thick. Before being wrapped in banana leaves, the pork is covered entirely with a thin clear plastic sheet.

The process of fermentation is also a key to the preparation. After two to three days of fermentation, the pork meat rolls are ready for use.

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