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The benefits of rope jumping

By Trang Nguyen

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Burning calories by means of jumping rope can help improve the body and the circulatory system. It is worth noting that to boost the efficiency of losing weight, rope jumping (or rope skipping) should be done along with a healthy diet and regular physical exercises every day, according to health experts. One minute of skipping rope can help burn 10 calories. This activity is good for weight loss and can bring about several health benefits. Jumping rope can help strengthen the muscles of legs, buttocks, shoulders, stomach and arms. It is the same as walking fast, which can burn up to 200 calories within 10 minutes of practicing. • Improving circulatory health: Jumping rope is similar to doing aerobics, which increases heart rates and reduces the risks of heart disease and stroke. This is why rope skipping is considered one of the best cardio exercises. • Boosting endurance and relieving fatigue: Rope jumping can help improve physical health and is an effective method to get rid of fatigue. Skipping rope regularly helps strengthen physical health, relieve the tiredness in spinal muscles, and boost physical endurance. • Raising mental health: Rope jumping is not only a physical activity, but is also […]
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