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VNG – a unicorn in CSR

By Van Ly

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Tech firm VNG Corporation is one of the few startups in Vietnam widely known to investors as a unicorn. It is also a startup paying much attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and can be considered a unicorn in this sphere as well.

Applying technology in social activities

VNG Corporation on July 12 announced the sponsorship of VND9.08 billion (US$388,300) for Newborns Vietnam, a United Kingdom-based nongovernmental organization, to reduce neonatal mortality and improve maternal and newborn care in Vietnam.

Newborns Vietnam’s objectives are to provide a structured postgraduate neonatal competency-based training program and set up the Vietnam National Resuscitation Council. Newborns Vietnam aims to end the preventable newborn mortality.

The VND9.08 billion will be used to organize training courses on newborn care for young doctors, nurses and midwives of provincial- and district-level general hospitals.

Suzanna Lubran, executive director of Newborns Vietnam, said, “VNG has accompanied Newborns since 2017. Thanks to the support of VNG, Newborns has expanded its operation to 30 hospitals across Vietnam.”

VNG contributed VND4 billion to Newborns Vietnam between 2017 and 2021 through UpRace, a virtual charity race initiated and technologically sponsored by VNG.

Besides Newborns Vietnam, VNG has decided to provide Passerelles numériques Vietnam, a French nongovernmental organization with a training center in Vietnam, with US$10,000 to support young people with difficult circumstances through digital education and training.

Moreover, VNG has supported the anti-drowning club Swim Vietnam and CyberKid Vietnam, which was established to ensure the safety of Vietnamese children from cyber security threats when interacting on the Internet.

Beginning from VNG’s internal running competition in 2017, UpRace is the combination of VNG’s strength of technology, passion for sports and efforts to contribute to society. With every kilometer recorded on the UpRace app, VNG and other sponsors will donate at least VND1,000 to social organizations. The total donation has amounted to nearly VND20 billion.

With the slogan “Move Vietnam”, UpRace’s target is to have one million participants by 2023. The UpRace model has helped connect runners, enterprises and social organizations, creating a great and positive impact on society.

More than 1,000 companies have participated in UpRace and considered it an innovative platform to connect their employees and the community.

UpRace has attracted runners of different ages and from many localities. They have overcome their limitations and contributed to the community through small but meaningful acts.

As part of its efforts to make life easier for underprivileged children, VNG on June 8 awarded 100 scholarships worth VND100 million to students in Tra Vinh Province. Another VND100 million will be sent to children in the Central Highlands in August.

According to VNG, the scholarships will encourage these students to pursue their learning journey to better their life.

An active supporter during pandemic

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country. With the “Doing our part” spirit, VNG’s top priorities were to protect the health of its employees, maintain its business and join hands with the Government and the community to combat the pandemic.

The corporation donated VND28 billion to the Covid vaccine and anti-Covid funds. In 2020, VND8 billion, sourced from VNG’s funds and the donations through the ZaloPay app, was donated to the anti-Covid fund of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. The remaining VND20 billion was contributed to the Covid-19 vaccine fund of the Ministry of Health last year, helping the country reach herd immunity.

Furthermore, VNG initiated the “Saigon Heroes” project to lend a helping hand to frontliners. After only two weeks, 20 high-flow nasal cannulas, 11,000 protective suits, 57,500 medical gloves and over 150,000 face masks were presented to 50 hospitals treating Covid patients in HCMC through the project.

In addition, 14,000 servings were given to medical workers and 40 computers were presented to hospitals to support the patient information management.

VNG has also established a technological platform called Generous Saigon (Sai Gon Bao Dung) connecting prestigious charity organizations in HCMC, benefactors and the disadvantaged nationwide.

As of September 2021, the platform has connected 65 charity organizations, helping them to receive donations worth over VND600 million.

On its Zalo messaging app, VNG has developed the Zalo Connect function to help users seek urgent help in food, medicines and necessities, and advice from doctors and experts amid the pandemic.

Only after a month, Zalo Connect has been expanded to 45 cities and provinces with over 50,000 points providing necessary commodities and medicines.

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