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Binh Phuoc provides a simple yet healthy nut salad

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The salty, sweet and sour flavors in the cashew nut salad of Binh Phuoc Province are appealing to food lovers

Binh Phuoc is home to more than 170,000 hectares of cashew nuts, which earns the province the nickname “land of cashew nuts.” The nuts there are the main ingredient of many local dishes, including the cashew nut salad.

Although the preparation of the dish is nothing special, the salad gives a unique flavor. Shrimp, meat, carrot, cucumber, herb and cashew nuts are in perfect concordance with the sweet and sour fish sauce. The nuts are roasted before being mixed with other ingredients.
The rustic dish wins the heart of food lovers because of the sweet, fat, crunchy and aromatic cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc sold both in domestic and international markets are a source of many nutrients good for health. Studies have shown that intake of cashew nuts helps prevent cancer and gallstones. They also help nourish hair and skin.

By Quynh An & Phuc An

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