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Dai-ichi Life Vietnam – 15 years of connecting Millions of Love

The Saigon Times

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As a premier life insurance brand from Japan, the success of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam over the past 15 years has been reflected not only in its sustainable growth figures, in the trust of more than four million Vietnamese customers and their families, but also in its incessant contribution to the community.

All of the achievements have resulted from the insurer’s non-stop efforts to step up corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and spread humane values and compassion. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam always sees the health and happiness of the community as top priority.

During its 15-year CSR journey, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has spent more than VND60 billion supporting the community in four main areas — health care, education, environment and charity support. The insurer considers CSR an indispensable part of its business strategy.

For a better life of the community

In the first ten months of 2022, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam used over VND6.3 billion to implement community programs, including donating 34 water purifying systems to 17 schools in many provinces and cities; the blood donation programs, collecting a total of 120,000 milliliters of blood; the complimentary cataract operations for over 500 poor patients; awarding scholarship, gift and healthcare packages to 5,300 disadvantaged students in remote areas; granting over 600 gift packages to the people, and children heavily affected by the pandemic and natural disasters.

Inspired by Dai-ichi Life Group’s global environmental protection campaign, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launched the “Plastic-Less for More” program with a series of diverse activities to encourage a green lifestyle, such as “Green road” – walking/jogging combined with picking-up plastic waste, participating in neighborhood clean-up campaigns. Corresponding to each item of plastic waste collected, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam contributed VND20,000 to its CSR Fund “For a beautiful life” to implement the program of planting trees, providing clean water and nutritious meals for children in 2022. Up to date, the company has raised a total of VND300 million from these activities.

Runners participate in the “Dai-ichi Life-Road of Love” program held by Dai-ichi Life Vietnam

Inspiration of “Healthy to connect, Healthy to spread love”

With the message “Healthy to connect, Healthy to spread love”, following the success of the Virtual Run for the Community “Dai-ichi Life – Road of Love 2021”, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam continues to launch “Dai-ichi Life – Road of Love 2022” to encourage people to build a positive lifestyle, actively do physical exercise, take care of health and spread love: love yourself, love your families and love the community. For each kilometer achieved by the participants, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam contributes VND1,000 towards the goal of raising VND5 billion to support disadvantaged people across the country. By the end of October 2022, “Dai-ichi Life – The Road of Love 2022” has successfully attracted more than 15,000 participants, who completed a combined distance of more than four million kilometers, and contributed VND4 billion to the community.

“Connecting Millions of Love – Happiness for everyone”

Marking the milestone of 15 years accompanying the country and the people of Vietnam (2007-2022), as well as responding to the “Happiness – Dai-ichi” project of Dai-ichi Life Corporation on the occasion of its 120th anniversary (1902-2022), in early October 2022, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam officially launched the project “Connecting Millions of Love – Happiness for Everyone”, in which, “Happiness for the Community” and “Happiness for the Earth” are two among the three main goals of the project, expressing its desire to join hands with the local community to promote green growth, protect the environment and ecosystems, and commit to action “for a future’s peace of mind and happiness”.

Accordingly, the company launched the programs “Clean water for schools” – sponsoring water purifier systems to supply 15 million liters of clean drinking water to schools in remote areas; programs of providing scholarships and health-care gifts for 15,000 children from difficult backgrounds; programs of “Reducing plastic waste, Reducing carbon emissions” and planting 15,000 trees in big cities. The initiatives are set to move towards building a happy and healthy climate for the next generation.

With its significant contributions to society, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored as a typical CSR enterprise at the Saigon Times CSR Merit Ceremony for three consecutive years, from 2019 to 2021.

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