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Dalat’s own twist to the steamed rice cakes

By Gia Han

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In the central highlands city of Dalat, banh uot long ga (a steamed rice cake with chicken and innards) is a common breakfast staple, which should not be eaten in a rush.

When it comes to Dalat’s street food, banh uot long ga is among the most highly recommended, according to most travelers.

The ingredients that give the dish its unique flavor include steamed rice cakes, chicken innards and meat. However, the key ingredient of these delicious rice cakes is good rice. In Dalat, tourists can witness a local cook making hot steamed rice cakes at eateries.

As for the chicken, the cook often selects free-range chickens as their meat is soft and chewy enough. The local cook uses lemon juice and salt to clean and remove the unpleasant smell of the

chicken’s flesh and innards. They are then boiled with slices of ginger before being cut into bite sized pieces.

The dish is then served with a small bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce with chili flakes and topped with onion slices and herbs.

To preserve the flavor of the dish, the cook makes steamed rice cakes only on order.

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