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DXC Vietnam: Bridging the gap for the community

By Hoang Khang

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There are always wide gaps hindering the development of the community: families with financial difficulties failing to enjoy times of reunion like Tet, poor students without learning tools to improve their studies, orphaned children not having enough to eat, or even a poverty-stricken community without minimum prerequisite conditions to thrive. Many enterprises thus have indulged themselves in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to help, and DXC Vietnam is one of such open-hearted sponsors.

This November will see the inauguration of a bridge, 20 meters by 3.2 meters, in Cang Long District in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh, being developed at a cost of over VND200 million financed by the information technology company.

“Building a bridge can create an enormous difference for the community. Not only will young children not be forced to face danger on their commuting to school, but a bridge will also help improve the local economic situation which will definitely be transformed for a better life once the bridge is built,” said a representative of the HCMC-headquartered company. The IT firm says that its employees pay half the cost of VND210 million while the company the balance, “with the wish for traffic safety and economic transformation of local rural areas.”

Various community programs

Financing the bridge project for a rural community is just part of the company’s CSR activities spanning various fields, with an aim to “build sustainable and responsible business practices that create value for all our employees and contribute to a better world.” DXC Vietnam’s community programs are quite diverse, including philanthropist activities to help the poor, and efforts to protect the environment.

In April, DXC Vietnam celebrated the Earth Day 2022 with Tree Planting in Can Gio and Tree Donation to the ‘Gaia Nature Conservation” with the aim to grow more trees for the local community. More than 230 trees at the Can Gio Mangrove Forest have been planted by DXC Vietnam members to make the local place greener. In addition, DXC Vietnam donated 1,000 trees valued at VND65 million to Gaia Nature Conservation, which have been planted at Ben En Forest in Thanh Hoa Province and monitored closely by Gaia over the next four years with the aim to support the reforestation project.

“We do hope that our meaningful contribution will mitigate the impact of climate change, reduce damage caused by floods and create a safe habitat for wildlife as well as improve the quality of life in our community,” said the company.

In July 2022, DXC Vietnam presented 23 used laptops to the Red Cross of Binh Chanh District, HCMC, including 20 being gifted to 20 students from low-income families currently living in the district and the remaining three to the Community Healthcare Center of Binh Chanh with the aim to support the center to serve the local community works.

In January this year, Ngo Hung Phuong, managing director of DXC Vietnam, handed a check worth VND100 million to the Red Cross of HCMC to provide 100 Tet packages to 100 underprivileged families affected by Covid-19 in District 8 and Binh Thanh District, to help them enjoy Tet after tough times caused by the pandemic. In the preceding month, the company’s team distributed gifts and necessary daily supplies to help nearly 100 children currently brought up at Hoa Hong Shelter to help them enjoy Christmas 2021, with a value of VND60 million.

Support during pandemic

When the fourth wave of Covid-19 struck last year, DXC Vietnam also made quick donations primarily targeting poor people and frontline health workers. Specifically, between August and October last year, DXC Vietnam donated VND120 million to the HCMC Red Cross Society with the aim to provide necessary supplies such as groceries, hygiene products, medicine, and other much-needed items to underprivileged families and low-income people.

In addition, the company donated VND204 million to the HCMC Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients. The fund was used to acquire antibacterial face masks, personal protection equipment, and medical gloves to protect doctors, nurses and volunteers who were working tirelessly around the clock to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

For DXC Vietnam, CSR activities conducted by the company are primarily meant to rally its employees in giving back to the community where the company operates.

“Our community efforts have had a positive impact on employees’ morale and effectiveness, and we are proud when our employees give their time and efforts to help others,” said the company. In this spirit, the company has encouraged its members to participate in socially responsible practices, such as blood donation. DXC Vietnam employees have just participated in the Blood Donation Day, organized in August 2022 by REE in Etown Building where the company is located. And the DXC team will also join the Blood Donation organized by The Saigon Times in Oct 2022, an annual program joined by DXC Vietnam over the years.

Commenting on the bridge being completed in Tra Vinh Province’s Cang Long District, a DXC Vietnam representative said that “building this new bridge will open a bright prospect and future of the next generation as well as significantly improve the life quality of the residents in Cang Long.” And, it is just a part of the company’s effort to bridge the gap for the community in various ways.

“We continually look for new socially responsible business practices that will enable us to accomplish even more across environmental sustainability, ethical governance, community development, client and partner collaboration, and our inclusive workplace culture,” said the representative.

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