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Hanoi’s specialty for food lovers

By Viet An

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The Muscovy duck deep-fried with garlic, a dish celebrated for its delicious taste and tantalizing aroma, has carved its own niche in Hanoi’s culinary map. Its straightforward preparation and simple ingredients only add to its appeal.

Muscovy duck meat, which is denser than regular duck meat, is particularly suitable for frying and grilling. It remains juicy and retains its rich flavor after being cooked. The meat, after being cleaned with ginger or white wine to eliminate any smell, is cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated with minced onions, garlic, pepper, chili, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. Garlic is the signature flavor that defines this dish. The garlic is crushed to release its essence, contributing both to the dish’s delectable flavor and health benefits.

The Muscovy duck meat needs to be marinated for a substantial amount of time to fully absorb the spices, ensuring it remains tender and non-chewy after frying. Next, the duck is deep-fried in a pan full of oil until it achieves a crispy, golden exterior. When the meat is cooked, crushed garlic is added to the pan, stirred in, and then the heat is turned off.

The crispy, tender Muscovy duck meat paired with fragrant fried garlic, served alongside rice noodles and bamboo shoot soup, basil, and a small bowl of spicy chili ginger sauce, is guaranteed to invigorate your taste buds.

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