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Pickled olives, anyone?

By Kha Ky

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The white olive, or ca na in Vietnamese, is a popular fruit in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long, especially during the flooding season. In fact, ca na mixed with chili, salt and sugar is a favorite snack for most locals.

There are two kinds of white olives, sour and bitter ones. For this snack, locals prefer the sour ca na as its sourness goes better with the salty and spicy flavors.

After being cleaned with water, they are soaked in salt water to remove their latex. Then, they are pounded a little before being marinated with salt, sugar and chili.

Pounded ca na are cleaned two or three more times to get rid of their tartness before being mixed with salt, sugar and chili. According to locals, the longer they are marinated, the tastier they are.

The combination of sour, salty and spicy flavors can satisfy all taste buds. During the flooding season, the snack is easily available in most markets in Vinh Long.

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