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Savoring unique noodle soup in Mang Den

By Hoang Kim

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Savor the unique delight of snakehead fish thick noodle soup served in a clay pot, perfect for the cool weather of Mang Den Town.

Visitors to Mang Den Town can enjoy a steaming bowl of snakehead fish thick noodle soup, a local delicacy that stands out due to its preparation and fresh ingredients. Diners have the option of choosing noodles made from either wheat flour or rice flour to suit their preferences.

The cook selects the freshest snakehead fish, meticulously cleans and steams them, and removes the flesh from the bones. The resulting fish meat is tender, sweet, and free of any fishy taste. The broth, simmered from fish heads and bones, provides a natural sweetness that enhances the dish’s flavor.

What sets the snakehead fish thick noodle soup in Mang Den apart is its unique preparation method. When an order is placed, the cook combines the thick noodles and fish flesh in a clay pot, pours in the broth, and boils the pot on the stove. A sprinkle of green onions and herbs is added just before turning off the heat. This method ensures the soup is still bubbling when served and remains hot until the last bite.

The soup is served with herbs and glinus, accompanied by boiled quail eggs, Hue-style pork sausage, and bagel twists (banh quay). Diners can also enhance their meal by ordering fish heads for an added depth of flavor.

Suitable for both breakfast and chilly evenings, snakehead fish thick noodle soup is a must-try when visiting Mang Den Town in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum.

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