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Sesame candy: A taste of Hue’s culinary heritage

By Vu Hao

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Sesame candy, or mè xửng in Vietnamese, holds a revered place in the rich culinary tradition of Hue, the ancient capital.

The cornerstone of this delectable treat is sesame, combined harmoniously with sugar, malt, honey, and roasted peanuts. Crafting this confection requires seasoned expertise and deft hands throughout the meticulous preparation and cooking process.

Hue boasts a variety of sesame candies, each with its own unique charm. The soft sesame candy reigns as the classic and most beloved type. Then there’s the crispy variant, distinguished by a higher proportion of bean flour, less sugar, and a touch of grilled rice paper for an irresistible crunch. Lastly, the transparent sesame candy comes with its delicate light yellow-brown hue, adorned with roasted sesame and crushed peanuts for a sweet and savory symphony of flavors.

A discerning tip for aficionados: quality sesame candy will retain its shape when gently pressed and released, a testament to its craftsmanship.

Sesame candy embodies simplicity and affordability, yet its quality leaves an indelible mark on every palate. It is a leisurely indulgence, best enjoyed with a steaming cup of tea and shared conversations.

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