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Staying cool at Cam Mountain in summer

By Phong Vu

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Though it is not pleasing to the ear when somebody describes the burning hot summer as enjoyable, many people still wait for summer to come. Summer is associated with scorching weather. Many people ease the heat using fans, some turn on the air conditioner, and others sit under a tree for shade. 

Mother Nature endows us with four seasons. Each has its own particularity. For summer, blistering heat is its unique feature.

There is nothing better than luxuriating in a mineral spring under the current weather

Dissipating the heat with mineral spring

After days of hard work and study, visitors to Cam Mountain can refresh themselves at Thanh Long Water Park. The Thanh Long Mineral Spring, sourced from the top of Cam Mountain, has various recreational activities, making it an exciting place to visit.

Thanh Long mineral spring, Cam Mountain

Located in the middle of a beautiful valley at the foot of Cam Mountain, the spring enables visitors to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the fresh air, and go trekking along the mountain path to behold the sunrise or sunset.

Tourists pose for a group photo at Cam Mountain’s cable car station

Many tourists have chosen Thanh Long Water Park to spend their summer for its artificial beach and infinity pools, as well as the food, drinks, and relaxing atmosphere.

Tourists have a swim at Thanh Long Water Park

Having a swim at Thanh Long Water Park is a must-do for visitors to the park as they can revel in summer rituals at pools, the artificial beach, and outdoor activities, apart from going sightseeing and visiting Lam Vien Nui Cam tourist area – a place well-known for its beautiful landscape and region-specific specialties.

As sweating is the body’s mechanism for self-cooling in response to high temperatures, it is necessary to stay hydrated after doing outdoor activities in the summer. After swimming, tourists can take a cable car ride, go through the clouds and have a broad view of the mountain landscapes, and explore fruit farms along mountain hiking trails.

Organic apple farm near cable car station at Cam Mountain

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