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Constipation prevention and cure

Eating regimen plays an important role in prevention and treatment of constipation. According to Suc Khoe & Doi song news site, constipation is found in people of all ages. Its symptoms are hardened feces, difficulty in emptying the bowels, long time between defecations, defecation less than three times a week, or without defecation in three days. Constipation patients will suffer from stomachache, difficulty in defecation, and headache. Long-lasting constipation is the direct reason causing hemorrhoid and colon cancer. Constipation causes come mainly from eating regimen and lifestyle; therefore, drink enough water and eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber and have sufficient proteins can help prevent and cure constipation. Drink enough water Water accounts for 70-80% of the body weight. Constant shortage of water is a popular cause of constipation; so, drink enough water can help prevent or cure constipation. Water helps “lubricate” the intestine wall, thus reducing the friction between feces and the intestine, softening stools and relieving pain caused by constipation. Shortage of water will make stools hardened and give rise to constipation. Drinking enough water can therefore help prevent constipation. Adults should drink 2-2.5 liters of water per day. It is recommended to drink more water […]
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