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The distinct flavor of coconut porridge

By Viet An

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Covering nearly 40% of the total coconut growing area of the South Central Coast, it is unsurprising that the coconut is deeply associated with Binh Dinh cuisine. Coconut porridge is one such highlight which diners cannot miss.

The cooking method is similar to that of white porridge, but the difference lies in the final step, when the cook adds coconut milk to the porridge to increase the fatty taste of the dish. The cook chooses old coconuts, scrapes the flesh and squeezes them to get the coconut milk. After cooking fragrant rice into a smooth, soft porridge, the cook pours coconut milk into the porridge and stirs the mixture evenly. The coconut milk should not be cooked from the start to avoid a burning smell.

The fragrant coconut porridge is always served with braised anchovies. After being cleaned, anchovies are simmered on a charcoal stove for five to six hours to achieve a firm flesh and an absorbed flavor.

Enjoying a spoon of porridge with braised anchovies creates a lasting impression as the coconut flavor gently melts in diners’ mouths.

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