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The yogis who love cycling

By An Phu

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After two years of cycling, a yogi couple has seen positive changes in their life. Aside from the time in their yoga class, Phan Minh Hai, 51, and his wife, Tran Thu Linh, 32, take time to ride their bicycles and encourage others to follow suit. Two years ago, Hai’s jobs as a veteran tour guide and a yoga instructor were severely affected by the pandemic and the social distancing regulations of the HCMC authorities. At that time, a friend of his asked him to try cycling. Hai joined the cycling group three months after the invitation from his friend and has been falling in love with this sport ever since. During cycling trips to the suburbs, where he used to come over many times on board air-conditioned coaches, Hai could feel the freshness of the air and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Having arranged time for practicing yoga and cycling rationally, he can see the change in his body after combining these two sports, especially better breathing. Hai says while yoga has good impacts on the entire body, cycling is good for those who want to develop the leg muscles and improve the respiratory and circulatory systems, thus […]
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