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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Seizing Opportunities For Sustainable Growth: Government officials, experts, and business executives gathered at the Green Economy Forum on August 18 to delve into Vietnam’s ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The event spotlighted the considerable challenges facing the country on its path to sustainability, while also underscoring the promising opportunities that await local businesses committed to embracing a sustainable growth path.

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A Time For Price Cuts: When low-price goods and services are preferred, it means consumers are having lower disposable incomes. This phenomenon is now seen in many European countries as well as in China, but the reasons vary from inflation to deflation.

Growth And Bottlenecks: Recent reports show a positive outlook on Vietnam’s economic growth prospects. However, there remain several bottlenecks that remain unaddressed.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: During the rainy season this year, landslides have struck numerous areas, leaving behind multiple fatalities and environmental damage. A thorough review of completed and ongoing projects is imperative. Adjustments, if necessary, must be made to ensure the safety of both construction and operation in the best interest of residents in project locations.


Diversification Of Source Markets: Relying heavily on the Chinese and South Korean markets is akin to putting all eggs in one basket, a strategy that could potentially jeopardize Vietnam’s tourism growth.

Behind The CASA Recovery: The current and savings account (CASA) ratio at commercial banks has made a striking rebound after having declined for four consecutive quarters, as reported in their second-quarter 2023 financial statements. This resurgence in CASA ratio holds the potential to finely tune capital costs within banks. However, this recovery is confronted with a dual challenge: persisting uncertainties in production and business activities juxtaposed with a newly energized stock market.


Turning Bamboo Roots Into Artworks: Bamboo roots that are often disregarded find new life as remarkable sculptures in the hands of artisan Huynh Phuong Do. His skill has captured the attention of both local and international patrons.

A Day Of Tan Thang’s Fishermen: Tan Thang, a tranquil fishing village in Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, has a history spanning 300 years. With more than 10,000 residents across 2,400 households, many are fishermen whose ancestors migrated from the north-central province of Quang Tri before 1975. Let’s dive into the rhythms of their daily lives in this peaceful fishing haven.


Exploring Vam Ray Pagoda In Tra Vinh: Renowned for its timeless charm, grand and resplendent architecture akin to a royal palace, Vam Ray Pagoda stands as both a source of local pride for Tra Vinh residents and a prominent gem in the Mekong Delta’s tourist offerings.

A Must-Taste Noodle Soup In An Giang: Chau Doc fish noodle soup presents a harmonious fusion of several rustic ingredients, encapsulating the quintessential essence of southwestern Vietnamese cuisine that leaves a profound imprint on the palates of diners.

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