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A Hue specialty offered to the king

By Ngoc Hoa

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The preparation of Huong Can wrapped cake is quite sophisticated and intricate as Hue people choose natural ingredients and pour their hearts into making the cake, captivating the diners’ taste buds with a blend of all spices.

The main ingredients used to make Huong Can wrapped cake are rice flour and tapioca flour with the ratio of 10:1 to ensure that the cake is both soft and chewy. These two flours are mixed with an appropriate amount of water, adding some cooking oil and salt, then the mixture is put on a stove. The cook uses chopsticks to stir the mixture evenly on low heat until the dough has a consistency and texture like porridge.

The filling consists of shrimps and minced neck pork meat. It is best to use freshwater shrimps in order to bring the sweet and fragrant taste for the filling. After being cleaned, shrimps and meat are stir-fried with pepper, chopped onions and scallions, then minced.

Hue people use dong leaves to wrap the cake. These leaves both add extra fragrance and help the cake to have a nice shape. After wrapping, the cake will be steamed for about 15 minutes.

Huong Can wrapped cake is served with a cup of aromatic and sweet fish sauce made from the catch from the Thuan An Sea. Hue people often use this pure fish sauce with chopped fresh chili to dip the cake into, without adding any spices. The cakes are usually enjoyed while they are still hot. Some places are even served this specialty with a plate of boiled pork. Due to its flavorful and fresh taste, as well as its meticulous processing, Huong Can wrapped cake was on menus offered to kings in the old days.

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