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A tasty version of rice noodle soup in Ben Tre

By Quynh Han

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Banh canh, a type of rice noodle soup, is common in the provinces in the Mekong Delta. Each province has its own version of banh canh offering unique local taste. In Ben Tre, it is shrimp rice noodle soup with coconut milk.

Ben Tre Province in the delta is dubbed “land of coconut” where locals have subsisted on coconut trees for generations. As a result, the province’s gastronomy introduces a wide range of dishes in relation to coconut products. Shrimp rice noodles soup with coconut milk is a signature dish of the province.

The province’s dish has three main parts: the broth, the rice noodles and shrimps.
The rice noodles used for the Ben Tre version is made of rice flour to ensure the softness and chewiness at the same time.

Undoubtedly, the tasty flavor of this specialty is from its broth which is obtained by boiling pork bones in water and coconut milk for hours on end. However, what makes Ben Tre rice noodle soup distinctive is the taste of coconut milk.

Fresh shrimps are cleaned and have their shells removed. They are then stir-fried with spices, salt, pepper and sugar. Next add rice noodles and stir-fried shrimps to the boiling broth. Wait for several minutes and the soup is ready.

Diners may add toppings like minced pork and minced crab flesh to their bowl of shrimp rice noodle soup with coconut milk. A small bowl of chopped green onions and herbs to enhance the taste of the specialty. The dish is served hot.

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