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Different taste of Long Xuyen broken rice

By Nguyen Khang Duy

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Although there are many types of broken rice served in different regions, Long Xuyen broken rice has its own characteristics that visitors cannot ignore when visiting An Giang.

The difference between broken rice in other regions and Long Xuyen is that the broken rice grain of Long Xuyen is two to three times smaller than others. Therefore, diners will feel like the rice melts in their mouth when they taste it.

The marinating process and presentation of the dish also showcase its meticulousness. Braised pork and eggs are sliced into long, thin strips. Pork skin is shredded and marinated with powdered grilled rice. Pickles are usually made from carrots, cucumbers, radishes or morning glory. A small amount of fried pork fat and green onion oil is sprinkled on the dish. All the ingredients blend perfectly with the rice.

The soul of the dish, however, is the sweet and sour fish sauce, usually made by cooking fish sauce with filtered water and sugar and adding a little minced chili. Finally, the dish is served with a small bowl of soup which is cooked from pork bones, carrots and corn.

In the past, broken rice was served to poor people due to its low price. Nowadays, broken rice has become a popular dish that can be found at many restaurants and eateries.

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