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Pink cake – a delicacy of Binh Dinh province

By Viet An

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Pink cake is used as a gift during engagement and wedding ceremonies

Locals say that when people ask you when you’re inviting them to have pink cake, it means they want to know when you’re getting married. That’s why this cake is considered a symbol of happiness.

The cake comprises two main ingredients—rice flour and coconut flesh. As good rice decides how tasty these pink cakes will turn out, experienced bakers often choose hoa vang (yellow flower) sticky rice or nuong sticky rice.

The sticky rice is soaked in water for eight hours before being ground into flour. Water is then added to the flour, and the mixture is kneaded well.

Meanwhile, sugar is heated till it melts into a paste. The dough is cut into small pieces and mixed with the melted sugar in the pan over charcoal.

Experienced bakers know how to control the heat and not burn the dough. The dough is well cooked when it does not stick to the pan. Then, minced coconut flesh is added. After that, the flour mixture is poured onto a tray covered with tapioca starch, preventing the mixture from sticking to the tray.

Aside from the pink color, local bakers sometimes dye the mixture green with the pandan leaf or red with beetroot.

The soft pink cake, some three to four centimeters thick, is placed on a big tray. It is cut into small pieces and is best enjoyed with hot tea.

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