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Steamed chicken with brewers grain in Hoc Mon

By Anh Thu

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While some might throw it away, the people in Hoc Mon District, HCMC, have found a way to reuse brewers grain to create a specialty called steamed chicken with brewers grain.

Brewers grain is the solid waste left after the processing of germinated and dried cereal grains for beer and other malt products. The brewers grain used for the dish should be just cooked because grain that is left for a long time will have a sour odor.

The cook squeezes the grain and throws away the waste. Straining the water makes the broth clearer and removes the waste completely. After that, the cook seasons the broth, adds the chopped chicken and cooks it on medium heat.

Chickens used for the dish must meet basic criteria such as having firm flesh, less fat and natural golden skin. In addition, the chickens should be cooked in the broth until they’re partially soft.

When the dish is served, many Hoc Mon eateries add roasted peanuts atop the hot pot with laksa leaves, cabbage, mustard greens and chopped green onions.

Moreover, diners are also served rice noodles, fried noodles or egg gruel according to their preference. Diners can dip the chicken in lemon chili salt for an extra zing.

Apart from being tasty, steamed chicken with brewers grain is also a good medicine for digestion handed down from generations.

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