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Twist on spring rolls

By Song Hau

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Among the culinary treasures of Binh Dinh is the Tay Son-style fresh spring rolls (Banh Cuon Tay Son) that fascinate diners with their irresistible appearance and taste—from the crust to the filling served with a peanut dipping sauce.

Banh Cuon Tay Son originated in Tay Son District, the hometown of Emperor Quang Trung, and was considered the food for the Tay Son insurgent army when they were involved in a long-distance march. The Tay Son-style fresh spring rolls are twice the size of normal spring rolls so that soldiers could bring them along the roads and make them a meal.

The selection of ingredients and the cooking process are two important factors for delicious and eye-catching spring rolls. The pork side is marinated with spices, then grilled. The remaining ingredients, such as duck eggs, steamed and fried fish paste, pork bologna and vegetables of the best quality, must be chosen.

Sweet and creamy Vietnamese peanut sauce goes perfectly with the Tay Son-style fresh spring rolls. Peanuts are roasted and finely ground and then mixed with lemon juice, minced garlic and chilis to create a delicious dipping sauce. Finally, fried peanuts are added to the mixture.

Sliced cucumbers, herbs and lettuce are placed on the rice paper and layered with grilled pork, pork bologna, duck eggs, steamed and fried fish paste and fried spring rolls. The rolls are wrapped, dipped into the sauce, and the dish is enjoyed.

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