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Twin towers in Binh Dinh

Photo by Nhan Tam

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The south-central coastal province of Binh Dinh is home to many architectural and cultural relics of the ancient Champa Kingdom, drawing both local and international tourists.

Among these relics are eight clusters of twin towers that highlight the architectural heritage of Cham culture. According to researchers, these twin towers date back to the late 11th to early 13th century, a period marked by significant upheavals in the Champa Kingdom.

Located in Quy Nhon City, the twin towers consist of a larger tower standing 25 meters high and a smaller one at 23 meters. Both towers face south and are constructed from baked bricks, held together by a special adhesive, a unique technique developed by the Cham people that remains a mystery to this day.

The corners of the towers are adorned with statues of Garuda, a bird-like deity, and hybrid animals with elephant heads and lion bodies. There are also statues of human figures with six or eight arms. Inside the larger tower, Linga and Yoni mascots are worshiped, symbolized by a mortar and pestle used for pounding rice.

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