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Thien Long

Thien Long and PEGA cooperate to develop knowledge products

The cooperation between Thien Long Group and PEGA was announced at a ceremony held at Hanoi Book Festival 2022 on October 7. Such a...

Thien Long Group supports Philippine distributors to boost revenues

Launching attractive promotions, investing in branding activities, building standard selling points, and strengthening cooperative relationships are the solutions that FlexOffice - a sub-brand of...

Thien Long cooperates with Biti’s to boost sales

Thien Long and Biti's have signed a cooperation agreement to create more business opportunities and to improve customer benefits. Thanks to many similarities in development...

Thien Long cooperates with big groups to improve customer benefits

For the very first time, Thien Long Group and Nova Service - a member of NovaGroup – have cooperated to upgrade more priorities and...

Thien Long Group: Journey to becoming billion-dollar ballpoint pen manufacturer

After 40 years of its effort to become the “national brand” of multiple generations of Vietnamese customers, Thien Long has aimed to be a...

Thien Long named among Top 100 sustainable corporations in Vietnam for sixth straight time

VCCI has just announced Thien Long Group as one of the 100 sustainable businesses in Vietnam in 2021, marking the sixth consecutive year that...

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